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International projects, in which SPbPO "Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy"
is participating as a partner:

• Project “Building capacity of Russian and Baltic NGOs on consumers’ education”

The detailed objectives are:
- To transfer the knowledge from Danish NGO to NGOs in Russia and Baltic States with regard
to consumers education
- To build up capacity of NGOs in Russia and Baltic States on issues related to chemicals in goods
- To promote sustainable and long lasting co-operation between NGOs

The Project coordinator is Baltijas Vides forums, Latvia.

The project partners are the Danish Consumer Council, Denmark, Balti Keskkonnaforum, Estonia, Baltijos Aplinkos forumas, Lithuania and Keep St. Petersburg Tidy, Russia.

• Baltic SeaBreeze project

The project aims at strengthening the network in the marina sector to decrease the pollution of the Baltic Sea caused by recreation activity and to promote ecological safety boating and spare time at the seaside.

The Baltic SeaBreeze project will run from January 2005 until December 2007 and is part-financed from EU Interreg IIIB Baltic Sea Program.

33 project partners in the Baltic Sea region together with Lead Partner Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation are carrying through several different activities such as Individual Blue Flag Campaign, marina awareness courses for key marinas/ guest harbours personnel, leisure craft owners, fishermen, etc.

Baltic SeaBreeze project has 3 workgroups:

Marine Strategic Partnerships

Coordinator: Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association (Finland).
Prospective results:
- Network established among marinas/guest harbours;
- Trained marina personal;
- Strategy and action plan;
- Enlargement of Blue Flag;
- Transfer of best practices.

Media/Communication Strategy

Coordinator: Institute of Journalism at the Vilnius University (Lithuania).
Prospective results:
- Media and Communication Strategy;
- Strategic communication for overall project activities and results, and website
- Press conferences, films, brochures, marketing materials.

Fishing and Shipping Network

Coordinator: Skagen Education Center (Denmark).
Prospective results:
- Network building for fishing and shipping sectors;
- Training materials for seamen/fishermen;
- Cod of Conduct for fishermen;
- Training seminars;
- Best practice exchange.

Project target groups:

- Leisure craft owners in the Baltic Sea region;
- Private and municipality-owned marinas and guest harbours;
- Fishing sector;
- Seamen from the Baltic Sea countries;
- Regional and national authorities in the region;
- Mass Madia.

SPbPO "Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy" is initiating in the North-West of Russia the Individual Blue Flag Campaign in framework of the project Baltic SeaBreeze.

In framework of the Baltic SeaBreeze project organisation Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy fulfilled the followings:

- Compiled and published 2 booklets: "Blue Flag for Boats, the environmental code of conduct" and "The Baltic SeaBreeze Project", that contains description of the project goal, workgroups and partners;

- Prepared 3 educational documentary video films: "Catamaran Centaurus-II will be awarded by eco-label certificate - small Blue Flag", "Marina Frankardi is the candidate to be awarded by eco-label Blue Flag" and "Ecological safety boating". The films were shown accordingly 23 August 2005 (two first films) and 25 July 2006 (third film) on TV program OTV;

- Prepared and presented on radio program Open City some subject reportages;

- Held the environmental seminar for leisure craft owners;

- Held the environmental seminar on exchange experience for marinas/guest harbours management.

Current projects of NGO "Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy":

• "Blue Flag Campaign Promotion in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region".

Goal of the project is to improve the coastal zone environmental management, introduce the environmental certification scheme for beaches, marinas and leisure boats.

• "Carrying out the program Eco-Schools/Green Flag in the Northwest of Russia".

Carrying out the program Eco-Schools/Green Flag in the Northwest of Russia.

The most successfully fulfilled projects:

• "Less Litter";

• "Varangians/Vikings 21" - boating trip from issue of the river Neva
to the Ladoga Lake;

• "NATURE 2000" - a number of events devoted to issues of tourism and boating impacts on the Baltic Sea ecosystems.