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NGO “Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy” is a member of international network Keep Baltic Tidy aiming at increasing international co-operation for protection of the Baltic Sea Region environment and coastal zones.
The main objectives of NGO “Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy” are:

• Promotion of environmental
education and information;

• Promotion of the way of living friendly to the
environment, environmental friendly
recreation activity and boating;

• Promotion of environmental waste
management (reducing, reusing,
recycling and waste to energy);

• Promotion of national and
international invests to priority
areas of the environmental

• Supporting of investment
projects having environmental

• Promotion of the region
transition to safety and
sustainable development.

date: 2007 - 2008

• Two Russian marinas: Marina Frankardi and Baltiets yacht club applied for BF in March 2008.

• During the period from April 2007 to March 2008 the organization Keep St. Petersburg Tidy participated as a partner in the international project “Building capacity of Russian and Baltic NGOs on consumers’ education ” (Press-release 01/2008, Press-release 02/2008, Press-release 03/2008, Press-release 04/2008, Press-release 05/2008). One of the main project' objectives is to build up capacity of NGOs in Russia and Baltic States on issues related to chemicals in goods. The main project' result is the Handbook on Consumers’ Education: Chemicals in Goods developed by project' partners.

• Keep St. Petersburg Tidy will participate in some activities of the international project Moving Baltic Sea in summer 2008.

date: 2006 - 2007

• The international project Baltic SeaBreeze was finished in December 2007. The main project' result is the Marina Handbook developed by project' partners. It has been created for marina managers and marina personnel in the Baltic Sea region. It provides practical information on how to operate using good safety standards and provide excellent services while also caring for the environment.

• Frankardi marina was awarded by the eco label Blue Flag and at 5 of June 2007 there was organised the official ceremony with invitation of different mass media representatives, including radio and TV.

• Within the Baltic SeaBreeze project six Best Practice marinas have been chosen around the Baltic area during the spring 2007. The chosen marinas exhibit some very good environmental management techniques and activities, and they continue to strive for improvement.

Environmental seminar on exchange experience for marinas/guest harbours management was held on the 13 December 2006 in Saint-Petersburg. The seminar was organised by Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy with support of Group of Companies KaterDealer and marina Frankardi in framework of the Baltic SeaBreeze project. Representatives from administrations of marinas situated in Saint- Petersburg and the Leningrad region, representatives of environmental organisations and firms dealing with yacht ports development took part in the work of the seminar. Experts from Finland and Sweden who have wide experience on environmental management of marinas in their countries also participated at the seminar.

• Between 15-17th November 2006 the Baltic SeaBreeze partners met in Laulasmaa, Estonia for the annual International Steering and Reference group meeting. During the three days conference the partners discussed activities implemented during 2006 and what activities that will be carried out during 2007. The Workpackage 1 (Marine Strategic Partnership) discussed a plans and ideas for development of Marina Handbook.

date: 2005 - 2006

• In framework of the Baltic SeaBreeze project organisation Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy has prepared educational documentary video film "Ecological Safety Boating". The film was shown 25 July 2006 on TV program OTV.c • In framework of the Baltic SeaBreeze project organisation Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy has compiled and published booklet "The Baltic SeaBreeze Project". The booklet contains description of the project goal, workgroups and partners.

• The Baltic SeaBreeze Workpackage 1 (Marine Strategic Partnership) meeting was held 4-5 May 2006 in Turku, Finland. The meeting was devoted to evaluation of the WP1 activities in framework of the Baltic SeaBreeze project, at that part of the meeting agenda addressed the Marina Handbook.

• The VII International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day" was held 22-23 March 2006 in Saint- Petersburg. The Forum was organised by SPb PO "Ecology and Business". In framework of the round-table "Environment and Tourism in the Baltic Sea Region" organisation Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy presented the report "The Prospects for Development of Environmentally Friendly Boating Tourism in the Northwest of Russia in Framework of the Blue Flag Campaign". The report was included and published at the Thesis Collection of the Forum.

• In 2006, 2589 beaches and 641 marinas in 33 countries received the Blue Flag, including European countries, Canada, Morocco, and New Zealand, South African Republic, Caribbean countries.

• The marina Frankardi (Embankment of the river Bolshaya Nevka 24, Saint-Petersburg) goes on the Blue Flag Campaign pilot phase.

Environmental seminar for leisure craft owners was held 16 December 2005 in Saint-Petersburg, in the hall of Kamennosstrovskij Teatr. The seminar was organised by Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy with support of marina Frankardi in framework of the Baltic SeaBreeze project that is part-financed from EU Interreg IIIB Baltic Sea Program.

• On the 14-16th November the second Baltic SeaBreeze International Steering and Reference Group meeting was held in Denmark. At this meeting future activities were discussed as well as activities that already had been done.

date: 2004 - 2005

• At present SPbPO "Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy" is initiating the Individual Blue Flag Campaign in framework of the international project Baltic SeaBreeze. The project aims at strengthening the network in the marina sector to decrease the pollution of the Baltic Sea caused by recreation activity and to promote ecological safety boating and spare time at the seaside.

• In framework of the Baltic SeaBreeze project SPbPO "Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy" compiled and published booklet "Blue Flag for Boats, the environmental code of conduct".

• The captain and crew of the sailing catamaran "Centaurus-II" have signed the Declaration contained the environmental code of conduct declaring that they will act according the issues outlined in the code of conduct. At 9th of August 2005 catamaran put out to sea for expedition in accordance with planned route: Saint-Petersburg - Hiumaa (Estonia) - Gotland (Sweden) - Denmark - Saint-Petersburg in framework of the project "Coast Learn" supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. After return to Saint-Petersburg the catamaran will be awarded by eco-label certificate - small Blue Flag.

• In summer 2005 the marina "Frankardi" (Embankment of the river Bolshaya Nevka 24, Saint-Petersburg) and the beach of the Korkinskoie Lake (Vsevolozhsk District of the Leningrad region) started the Blue flag Campaign pilot phase.

• International conference "The Prospects for Boating, Yachting, Water Tourism, Recreation and Sports in St. Petersburg and North-West of Russia" was held at 3 June 2005 in Saint-Petersburg. The conference was organised by JSC "Lenexpo", St. Petersburg Tourist Information Centre, International Baltic Tourism Academy. SPbPO "Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy" submitted a report "The Prospects for Blue Flag Campaign Development in St. Petersburg and North-West of Russia" at the conference.

• In 2005, 2442 beaches and 632 marinas in 33 countries received the Blue Flag, including European countries, South African Republic, Canada and Caribbean countries.

• In Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region the pilot phase of the Blue flag campaign is planned to begin in 2005, at that for the star, only two coastal sites: one beach and one marina have been selected as candidates for participation in the pilot phase of Blue Flag Campaign.

• International seminar "Marinas and Beaches Environmental Management" was held 18 October 2004 in Saint-Petersburg, in International Clinic&Hospital MEDEM.

• In 2004, 2287 beaches and 603 marinas in 26 countries received the Blue Flag.